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Thanks for your excellent labor reportage. This article gave me insight into the perspectives of Trader Joes workers. I frequently start conversations with workers there (I will not call them mates, captains or any of that bullshit) and find that they have no say over how their work is organized, not to mention that they have to work 2 jobs to be able to save anything.

I recently finished reading your book, Red State Revolt, the teachers' strikes and working class politics, and found it to be extremely useful for understanding teachers' grievances and tactics and strategies that are most effective in organizing teachers, especially in conservative regions of the country. As a former high school teacher, I found your detailed descriptions and analysis spot on.

Keep on doing the critical work that is necessary to uplift workers' by validating their concerns, work that is so necessary to revitalize the union movement in the US which for far too long has been dominated by business unionism and reliance on uncritical alliances with the Democratic Party.

Rick Girling, San Francisco

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